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India International Pet Trade Fair is organised by Creature Companion Magazine, Delhi, India. 

IIPTF is the only pet trade fair in the Indian Subcontinent, which is the biggest pet event in India. IIPTF is a B2B (Business-to-Business) exhibition.
It has a wide range of pet products, along with being a platform for pet-pertinent services from all across India as well as from overseas. IIPTF is an endeavour to spread awareness of the Indian pet market’s potential, amongst the industry members. With time, the IIPTF has forged relations with various international fairs and entities.   

14th India International Pet Trade Fair & 4th Aquagic 2023

5th & 6th Oct 2024

Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO, Goregaon (W)

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At Drools, Everything We Do is Centred Around Providing Nutritional Solutions that are Wholesome, Balanced and Just as Importantly, Delicious.

You see, it’s because we recognise that your pet’s health and well-being largely depends on the food they eat. Our team of veterinary nutritionists have spent years developing diets that cater to specific needs, after extensive research in absorption, taste and digestibility. While every batch is formulated in the USA, we pay careful attention in ensuring that our nutritionally dense and biologically appropriate products only carry the most authentic and clean, human grade ingredients without any fillers, by-products or antibiotics. Those that are sure to maintain your pet’s health and longevity.

We only use quality ingredients responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers we know and trust. Our MEALS are 90-95% chicken, organ, bone, and our animal proteins have no added hormones or antibiotics.

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Good Pet Supply

Pets change our worlds when they enter our homes—they bring us joy, make us kinder and help us become slightly more… good, with each passing day.

Hi, we are Good Pet Supplies LLP—a little community of passionate people who want to do a world of good for our good pets. We believe there’s no better way to express our love for our furry family members than to create good food that helps them live their best lives.

Our food is crafted specifically to suit pets living in the Indian climate and we hope to make this food accessible to every pet parent in the country. Good Pet Supplies LLP was founded in 2022 with a vision to make food tailored for pets in India. We sold our products at a handful of stores, but are now available in stores in more than 10 cities all over the country.

Since, every dog is a good dog (and every cat is… whatever the cat wants to be), we, at Good Pet Supplies LLP have extended ourselves to local organisations that provide food and shelter to furries in need, by sharing 2% of our revenue with them. Through our food and our work, we hope to make every pet’s world a happier, healthier and good place.



INTAN is a division of Growel Feeds Pvt Ltd that was established in 2019 with a new approach to ornamental fish food. Intan manufactures premium ornamental fish feed developed by the best nutritionists and tested in our dedicated state-of-the-art ornamental research center. Our product line consists of various feeds tailored to meet species-specific nutritional requirements.

Intan aims to serve the needs of hobbyists to maintain healthy fish and breeders to raise the best quality ornamental fish. Our mission is to assure quality, sustainability, and well-being through every feed we deliver


Growel’s Feed Plant was established in 2010 and currently has an annual capacity to produce 400,000 Metric Tons of various Aqua Feeds. It produces a wide range of aqua feeds for freshwater and marine fish, vannamei, and tiger shrimp. All its facilities are ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, BAP, and Halal certified and adhere to strict quality measures at every stage of the feed manufacturing process.

Growel Feeds has over 200 Business Associates all over India and exports feed to 14 countries. To meet the evolving needs of its customers, Growel has an internal R&D Innovation Center where it continuously tests its feed. The success of Growel can be attributed to its commitment to quality, innovation, and service. The talented workforce at Growel, backed up by reputed scientists, constantly strives for excellence. TELEPHONE : +91-7093083322 WEBSITE www.intanaquariumfeeds.com *INTAN 2022- Confidential & Proprietary EMAIL : beena.bbr@growelfeeds.com

About Creature Companion Magazine

Creature Companion Magazine, A Guide to Pet Parenting, is available in print and digital editions

Creature Companion, A guide to Pet Parenting India’s foremost premier pet care magazine is about ALL PET COMPANION ANIMALS and is not JUST A DOG MAGAZINE. This sets us apart from the league of other dog oriented pet magazines. It is a monthly pet care magazine. It is published by L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd based out of Delhi, NCR. It has articles on ranging from pet care to pet industry. Its circulation is pan India. We focus on pet care for all companion animals. The content revolves around responsible pet keeping; articles are topical and written by experts along with the user generated content. Some of the regular features are – Dog Care, Cat Care, Aquarium Keeping, Small Animals such as Hamster, Guinea pigs, Rabbits etc Section with interesting facts about dogs and cats; Movies on Pets etc. In circulation for the past 18 years has its place reserved at the top of the ladder. It showcases articles from both Indian and international authors from the pet community in an endeavour to give its readers information on not only the world of pets in India, but also from overseas. We offer advertising on print and digital media.

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L.B. Associates Pvt Ltd,

L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd is an integrated media house, established in 1996. A print-driven publishing house, the company has spread into other realms of media.

Content is in our DNA. We specialise in crafting and curating content extending across B2B and B2C publications. Incorporating editorial thinking into your business constitutes the core of our content strategy. We deliver concise and elegant tailor-made content within specific time frames, thus aligning customer needs with brand strategy.

We are an integrated publishing business. We offer turnkey solutions.

LBA excels in building platforms for the exhibition of niche industries in the events sphere.

Besides contract publishing, our in-house magazines – Diplomatist (www.diplomatist.com), Creature Companion (www.creature-companions.in) and Food marketing and Technology (www.fmtmagazine.in).

Our events are – India International Pet Trade Fair (www.iiptf.in) and Diplomatic Nite.

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With a winning combination of our attention to detail and strategic focus, we produce titles of discerning content and of analytical value.

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