Why exhibit?

  • IIPTF is your window to the Indian pet industry and the only pet trade fair India;
  • Provides a single platform to meet retailers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, and distributors — foreign and indigenous;
  • Represents all pets — dogs, cats, small pets, fish, and horses;
  • The Indian pet industry represents a largely untapped market;
  • The Indian pet industry is growing at 22% CAGR per annum
  • Indian pet industry is expected to reach US$ 1000 million plus by 2026;
  • Approximately 19 million pet population;
  • Growing economy and burgeoning middleclass (160 million people);

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Products showcase


Food, treats, pharma, functional, beds, petcare, luxury, toys, hygiene, grooming, etc;


Food, treats, litter, beds, toys, etc;

Aquarium Related

Aquaria, air pumps, fish feed, back screens, resin ornaments, lights, filters, corals and stones, air stones, aquarium thermometers, fish net, tubing, granel cleaners, food timers, etc;


Saddles, harnesses, reins, bridles, back protectors, bareback pads, browbands, etc;


Bird feed, cages, toys, supplements, seeds and treats

Stall Specification

Bare Space

No furniture or electricity is provided in the stall in bare/open space. Only space is provided.